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Academic programs

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E-education portal

E-education.ru is the first in Russia educational portal offering full E-learning services in Russian. The portal was created in 1999 by the experts of Moscow University of Industry and Finance (former Moscow International Institute of Econometrics, Computer Science, Finance and Law) in an attempt to create common international virtual environment for various educational institutions worldwide to provide their educational services.

The portal provides each educational institution with its own learning environment, where it can operate to the full extent. In terms of modern learning technologies, this environment is called a virtual campus.

After joining the programs offered at the virtual campus of any educational institution available, you will be able to study any course offered by the leading American, European or Asian universities and colleges, and get a competitive education of high quality. All the programs provided by Russian institutions meet the requirements of the state educational standards of the RF Ministry of Education and Science. By taking up a program within the framework of common mobile learning European network, you get a certificate of a European higher education institution.

E-Education portal is designed in full compliance with such standards, developed by world organizations for standardization, as IMS, SCORM, ISO etc, and in accordance with the main principles of interoperability, globalization, convergence and academic mobility, outlined in the Bologna Declaration. Thus, the portal can be considered a genuine example of Hi-tech application in the sphere of education, both in Russian and world context.


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